Rossio square

Hey guys!
Sorry for the delay in posts!
Ever since I got back from Lisbon I've been really busy with university!
I've had classes for two weeks now and I'm loving almost every minute of it! 
The only downside is the amount of homework, it was a bit of a shock to the system really.
But the great people I have met have surely made up for that!:)

So here are finally the pics from the Lisbon trip I took with my aunts who gave the trip as the most awesome graduation present ever!

Close up of the fountain

Eating out in the city

The gorgeous street of the apartment we stayed at

Tapas at the apartment! Not typical portuguese food but it was so good.

Centre de Arte Moderna/Museum of modern art

Cable cars we took to get from the oceanario to the restaurants.

An octopus at the Oceanario/Oceanarium.



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