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My customers are somebody who is a little different, likes interesting, likes to have fun with what they wear ... I think it is a smart-mannered woman who really appreciates detail and special things.
– Pamela Love




In Bloom

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La grande guerre by René Magritte

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5.amos lee - flower

It's official, I'm graduating!
What's next I hear you ask? Well, I'm not 100% sure yet.
I've applied to a study which is quite selective. I won't find out unitll july 15th whether or not I've been accepted. So, unnerving times at the moment. I'm trying to find alternative ways to spend my time next year for if the worst case scenario becomes reality. But, at the same time, I'm trying not to think about it too much and to enjoy the moment.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. But for now all I'm thinking about is tomorrow.
I'll be off to 'parkpop' , a big free festival in the Hague. Can't wait!



DIY: Karma necklace

From dogeared.com,  $54,00

I have always loved the idea of a karma necklace but I wanted a longer version, so I decided to make one myself. It's really easy to do and doesn't take very long!

    What do you need:
-  pliers
-  a 30 inch chain
-  two jump rings
-  a clasp
-  a small hoop (which you could snatch off an old bag like I did)

What do you do:
Take the 30 inch chain and cut it into two separate pieces. On one end of these chains you place the clasp that will connect it to the other piece of chain.
You're then left with two open ends.
Open the two jump rings and connect one on each of the open ends of the necklace. Remember not
to close the jump rings yet because you first need to connect them to the hoop.
After everything is connected, you close the jump rings with the pliers, and you've got yourself a karma necklace!

(I hope everything is clear, this is my first DIY post!)


Shoe Storage

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source - everythingfab.com

The shoes are hanging on picture rails! Genius!

Keri Russel's closet via weheartit.com

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Source - unknown(?)

I love those (ikea?) cabinets, and I love them even more with shoes in/on them.

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source- 5inchandup


How do you store your shoes?




Jessie J for Vogue Italia June

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fashion,vogue,vogue italia,jessie j,jessie j vogue,fashion blog

fashion,vogue,vogue italia,jessie j,jessie j vogue,fashion blog

fashion,vogue,vogue italia,jessie j,jessie j vogue,fashion blog

fashion,vogue,vogue italia,jessie j,jessie j vogue,fashion blog

Absolutely love all the colours in this shoot.
The first image is my favourite, what's yours?

Source - Trendland.net
  Photographer - Francesco Carrozzini
     Stylist - Enrica Ponzellini




I have completed all of my exams! I'm graduating!
And I have no words to describe it. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me or something. But I still don't feel relaxed. I keep having this gnawing feeling that I still have some work to do; a test to study for, a report to finish, stuff like that.

But it feels like time is my own again and that means blogging more, reading the pile of books that have been accumulating, and finally trying out some interesting diy's like this one..

Glow in the dark paint inside of mason jars

Or this one..

Hexnut bracelet DIY

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