Underneath the Surface

X-rays of flowers by Hugh Turvey.

Complex and very much alive are things that come to my mind when looking at these beautiful x-rays. They're definitely a different way of using the (medical) tool invented by Wilhelm Röntgen.

I think that these x-rays are just another form of photography, even though there is probably less effort envolved with lighting I'm guessing. I wonder if many other photographers have explored this form of photography, and what their subjects could have been.

After seeing the images I couldn't help but think about the use of x-ray images in fashion, because I know they're there and already exist, which made me want to know more, and see more interpretations of it. So I did the obvious thing and went to lookbook.nu.

Denise Teoh

Sara L.
(The body is from blackmilkclothing.com)

Carlos G.

Aoife C.

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Source - trendland.net
To read more about Hugh Turvey and how he came to make taking x-rays an artform click here!



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Anonymous said...

not everyone would rock this skeleton-swimsuit (or whatever that was, haha). I definitely liked the very last photo - this dress, most - awesome. for some reaons these x-ray photos of flowers made me think about J-rock! wonder why...

it's good that you're back after holiday :)

Hannah Nunn said...

Those flower xrays are amazing!

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