I have such an obsession for mineral stones and agate is such a great one.
Beautiful jewellery designs by Mimi Jung with Brazilian agate 'surrounded' by rope.

Images from Medesgingmag , Brook&Lyn
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&Check Mimi's amazing blog here.


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Anonymous said...

this is probably the first time I see agats in such "version" (styling? what? hah) and - I am absolutely slack-jawed now. The thing is, in Poland, agats are mostly (apart from some too-artistic-to-hit-stores collections) worn in this terribly tasteless way. Especially necklaces. They either look like a souvenir from some, I don't know, cave or like something that even our grandmothers would hate. However I absolutely love these. Especially the white pieces. Brilliant!

fashionstoned said...

super moooi! ben er ook gek op!

theoctoberissue said...

beautiful necklace :)

Ambypure said...

Erg mooi!

katthroatworld said...


i love mimi's blog. and that jewelry is fantastic!

Phuong said...

wow prachtige kettingen zeg!

Aleisha-Rose said...

wow! I love her outfit! Soooo adorable!
Nice pieces too!!!

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