Blue Days..

..Are fantastic days!



I had the most wonderful day today. I was finally able to relax this week, after having to work at my summerjob for the first 2 weeks of my holiday, and then having to endure a 2-day mathcourse which crammed 2 years worth of coursematerial in that small amount of time!
I got up at about 10 am and in the afternoon I sat in the sun drinking coca cola light (seen above) for a while and thought about how I'm going to make my blog more professional, like being put onto mailinglists etc to get more of the 'inside scoop'. But it's difficult to find information about that kind of stuff.
Does anyone have any tips for me?

Wore Jeans, a T-shirt, new blue nailpolish by H&M (Aquatini!) and this new necklace which I found in the sale at Promiss.


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Anonymous said...

haha cola light :) AND this necklace is actually really pretty. torquises are one of the very few stones (minerals?) that look good with gold. AND two years of math in two days? Girl, I'm still trying to pick my jaw off of the floor! :)

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