AIFW Iris van Herpen

" Crystallization "

Inspired by her work for the Amsterdam City Museum, also known as "De Badkuip/The Bathtub", to create a dress , Iris van Herpen also came up with the inspiration for her F/W collection: water. This inspiration of water turned into the concept of crystallized water which resulted in the gorgeous pieces below.
For a video of the show click here!

“Ik ben gefascineerd door het feit dat er een geheim lijnenspel verborgen zit in een geheel transparant en vloeibaar materiaal. Dit komt tot leven op het moment van bevriezing, zodra er kristallen ontstaan. Dan pas wordt de onderliggende symmetrie en structuur zichtbaar” - Iris van Herpen.

“I'm fascinated by the fact that there are secret *lines hidden in an entirely transparant en liquid material. This comes to life at the moment of freezing, as soon as crystals are created. Only then will the underlying symmetry and structure become visible.” - Iris van Herpen

*lines - loosely translated by me

Images: styletoday.nl
For more detailed photos check out Peter Stigter.



Anonymous said...

I rarely come up with good description for fashion, but I think this one is not bad: this is like a love child of Gareth Pugh (the fabrics) and Alexander McQueen (the form, the silhouette). I mean, of course, if such a love child could ever happen :)

But in other words, this is stunning.

Anonymous said...

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