Fashion Session

Models - Abbey Lee Kershaw, Matthew Hutchinson
Photographer - Alexi Lubomirski
Styling - Christiane Arp
Magazine - Vogue Germany August 2010
Source - Noir façade

I don't completely get the connection between all of the images but I love them all nonetheless.
What do you think of them?

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Blue Days..

..Are fantastic days!



I had the most wonderful day today. I was finally able to relax this week, after having to work at my summerjob for the first 2 weeks of my holiday, and then having to endure a 2-day mathcourse which crammed 2 years worth of coursematerial in that small amount of time!
I got up at about 10 am and in the afternoon I sat in the sun drinking coca cola light (seen above) for a while and thought about how I'm going to make my blog more professional, like being put onto mailinglists etc to get more of the 'inside scoop'. But it's difficult to find information about that kind of stuff.
Does anyone have any tips for me?

Wore Jeans, a T-shirt, new blue nailpolish by H&M (Aquatini!) and this new necklace which I found in the sale at Promiss.


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People and Places

"People and Places"
Photographs by Jasper James
(All shot in Beijing.)

Image source - trendland

Aren't these photos just gorgeous?
I love the drama of them.
I can't help but think about how people, similarly to the photos, seem to dissappear in big cities like Beijing, how they become a part of the masses of people that live there.


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AIFW Iris van Herpen

" Crystallization "

Inspired by her work for the Amsterdam City Museum, also known as "De Badkuip/The Bathtub", to create a dress , Iris van Herpen also came up with the inspiration for her F/W collection: water. This inspiration of water turned into the concept of crystallized water which resulted in the gorgeous pieces below.
For a video of the show click here!

“Ik ben gefascineerd door het feit dat er een geheim lijnenspel verborgen zit in een geheel transparant en vloeibaar materiaal. Dit komt tot leven op het moment van bevriezing, zodra er kristallen ontstaan. Dan pas wordt de onderliggende symmetrie en structuur zichtbaar” - Iris van Herpen.

“I'm fascinated by the fact that there are secret *lines hidden in an entirely transparant en liquid material. This comes to life at the moment of freezing, as soon as crystals are created. Only then will the underlying symmetry and structure become visible.” - Iris van Herpen

*lines - loosely translated by me

Images: styletoday.nl
For more detailed photos check out Peter Stigter.


Nikon D3000

Got my birthdaypresent(which is actually the 26th of July haha) in the mail a few days ago! A nikon D3000! I took it out for a spin, here are some of the results:
(click on the images to enlarge them!)



I have such an obsession for mineral stones and agate is such a great one.
Beautiful jewellery designs by Mimi Jung with Brazilian agate 'surrounded' by rope.

Images from Medesgingmag , Brook&Lyn
Shop Mimi's designs here.
&Check Mimi's amazing blog here.


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Erin Petson Illustrations

I love going online and searching for gorgeous (fashion) illustrations which led me to finding Erin Petson's illustrations. I love her use of colour and waterpaint , but then again I'm a big fan of waterpaint to begin with! I think her creations are very original and I definitely wouldn't mind having some of these hanging on my wall, would you?

Look closely at the hands^^



Imagesource - art-dept.com
Check out her full portfolio

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