Sky Crumb - John Birmingham

Sky crumb
by John Birmingham

Without a warning
Like a shooting Star
Till there was nothing left
Because it fell so far.
Anybody listening-
Did you see the light?
That every part of the World shared that was there that night.
Because it didn't live loudly and it didn't live long,
But it made it all the way in to make the Spirit strong.

So when some far away Monday --
finds You feeling lost , Sky Blue.

Can't seem to find where all the wonder went,
when the World was new.
I think about that shooting Star and how it somehow drew,
The light of inspiration,
that Life forgets to feel
and I'm reminded through the Magic
that I forgot was real.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I really like this new look of your blog (not that the previous look was bad of course)
2. This is really beautiful - especially the ending and the last two lines are so...I don't know what's the word, nostalgic maybe.

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