Conquering The Great Outdoors


So I had the day off work today and spent pretty much the whole day outside in my garden working on my tan and reading one of the 17 books I've accumulated throughout the last weeks of school. I didn't have the chance to start reading them untill now because of the immense amount of stuff I had to do/learn but that's all changed now! I've passed on to the next schoolyear which is senioryear! I decided to start off with light reading(This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen) and get to the heavier stuff(wuthering heights, 1984, and perhaps Tristan&Isolde) later. I'm almost half way through the book and I think it's a great book to start the holidays off with but it's nothing very substantial.





cargo-ish pants - didi, top - zara, shoes - zara, leaf necklace - accesorize



Anonymous said...

lovely photos :) I LOVE this hat (it's called Panama or isn't it? I never know haha). YOU should read 1984 because it's AMAZING (there's also this other book, a bit like 1984 too, by Aldous Huxley "the brave new world" if I remember the English title correctly.). and, hah, you're quite pale, don't you get pink from the sun? :) because I do. it's terrible for the first few days ha

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