Stars {outfitpost}

I went shopping today and bought some new allstars & l'officiel mag. And I finally posted the tshirt to the winner of my contest:Anne! I hope it fits well and everything!
Also,I decided that since the quality of my pictures is crap anyway, I wouldn't cut my face out of them^^. All though, in hindsight the first picture could have done with removing the face x).





Jacket - H&M, top - zara, jeans - zara, necklace - vintage(from the early 1900's), sneakers - allstars! , bag - marc by marc jacobs, rings - random.



Karolina said...

You look so good.
I love your bag, and I must say, that I'm so jealous about her !

Anne² said...

Die tas is echt fantastisch!

Alecto said...

i am a total sucker for converse. i think i have 4 pairs? saaaaad. you have such a pretty face, why would you crop it out? and thank you for the good wishes for my finals. i can only hope they go well... :-)

allison kampen said...

Nice outfit!

Anonymous said...

1. that necklace is so amazing!
2. you're really pretty. you remind me of one actress but of course my mind's refusing cooperation and I can't recall her name! :) (can you believe it, haha)
3. about this 23-sec-movie. it's about Francisco, haha. It was really downloaded by accident but I just can't stop watching it now. I am officially mental.
4. I wish allstars weren't so ridiculously overpriced in Poland (because I've got this special gift of destroying them completely in a very short time).
5. that was a really long comment wasn't it :)

Liya said...

ahhhhhhh i covet that bag so much


mariposai said...


Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - you have an amazing blog here :-)

Sarah x

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