Merzbau by Kurt Schwitters

"Merzbau" is what German artist Kurt Schwitters named the piece of art above. He created it with pieces of paper and other miscellaneous things which he found on places like the sidewalk. He named it Merzbau because on one of the first pieces of paper that he had found, the word "Merz" was printed. The word came from an advertisement leaflet for the "Kommerz und Privatbank".

Schwitters created this architectural piece of art in multiple rooms of his own studio. He constantely worked on this architectural piece and it's said that it was still incomplete when he died in January 1948. Kurt had worked on it throughout the 1900's and if you look at the images closely you'll notice that since then it has inspired many architects and artist to create a similair look.

For example, the Danish Jewish museum (this was the plan for the building)

And Katharina Gaenssler's "Edition Merzbau"

Katharina was maily inspired by the recconstruction of Schwitters studio in the Sprengel Museum Hannover.
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to sound banal but this is AWESOME. It's rough and it's a little bit as if Picasso had an affair with architecture!

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