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Maya Hayuk - Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields on vimeo

Tomorrow I'm going to an exhibition of Maya Hayuk's work at MU Eindhoven. I can't wait, it's going to be audio and visual amazingness. Her work, which is inspired by shots taken by the Hubble telescope, is graphic and very colourful, something I usually don't go for. But after reading her interview in Dazed&Confused I had the sudden urge to go and check it out.

The show is called "Ultra, ultra deep fields" which referres to the deepest photo of space ever taken by humans (more info on the Hubble Ultra Deep Fields here). The image is said to contain over 10,000 galaxies.

(Part of the) Ultra Deep Fields,
Image from random,google

On the MU site it says that her work is a mix of the images shot by the Hubble telescope, mexican blankets, holograms and Rorschach tests (you know, those tests in which you have to explain what you see in some apparently not so random inkblots)

Image from wikipedia

So, what do you see?
-To me it looks like a pelvis.

Maya in action


PS:It's the hubble's 20th birthday today!
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Landa said...

Woow heel vet! En happy birthday Hubble :p

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