Eternity {outfitpost}

I didn't do too much today, hence the creased tank which is begging to be ironed. I did go out for a quick stop at ikea, the resulsts of which will be shown tomorrow^^.

Today I wore:
Black tanktop - zara
Jeans - miss sixty
Shoes - oasis
Necklace with tiny turtle(which stands for eternity) - unknown
Necklace with eternity symbol (8) - a gift from my mom
Belt&bangles - random
PS: I wore a grey cardi over this.

Dragonette - true believer


SiriSH said...

Love the pureness of your outfit. Keep posting great stuff!:)

Anonymous said...

great photos. this turtle-necklace is really cool. I don't think I've seen golden turtles like this before, lol. I mean, I always see people wearing these really crappy silver turtles. which doesn't look good at all :)

Landa said...

Thank you! Toffe hakken btw! Hele vette vorm!

♥ dontlookinthecamera.blogspot.com

Clara said...

lovely look
great blog!

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