Oh. My

That jacket.
Abbey Lee for i-D magazine
"The space cadet", shot by Emma Summerton

She was wearing these mindboggeling shoes by Duncan Shaw

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I exist as I am, that is enough - Walt Whitman

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been feeling a bit ill and uninspired lately, that is untill I came across the gorgeous Alecto's blog: http://circle-meets-square.blogspot.com/.
Alecto's amazing, unique style combined with beautiful photos and inspiring images create one truly amazing blog. I have been going through a lot of the pages and noticed that she also did a post about Made Her Think! (mine, hers). I absolutely love her blog and had to share it with you guys!











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Maya Hayuk exhibit@Eindhoven

Maya Hayuk - Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields on vimeo

Tomorrow I'm going to an exhibition of Maya Hayuk's work at MU Eindhoven. I can't wait, it's going to be audio and visual amazingness. Her work, which is inspired by shots taken by the Hubble telescope, is graphic and very colourful, something I usually don't go for. But after reading her interview in Dazed&Confused I had the sudden urge to go and check it out.

The show is called "Ultra, ultra deep fields" which referres to the deepest photo of space ever taken by humans (more info on the Hubble Ultra Deep Fields here). The image is said to contain over 10,000 galaxies.

(Part of the) Ultra Deep Fields,
Image from random,google

On the MU site it says that her work is a mix of the images shot by the Hubble telescope, mexican blankets, holograms and Rorschach tests (you know, those tests in which you have to explain what you see in some apparently not so random inkblots)

Image from wikipedia

So, what do you see?
-To me it looks like a pelvis.

Maya in action


PS:It's the hubble's 20th birthday today!
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Feathered silver

All images - weheartit.com


Don't forget to enter my contest for a chance to win a Danny Roberts
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100th post/giveaway/contest!

Hurray! Finally I've reached the 100th post milestone! And to celebrate this wonderfully special day I've come up with a little contest!
But, first of all I wanted to say thanks to all my followers for finding my ramblings worth reading, and give a special thanks to those who check out my blog so regularly like Liya, Gabby and Monica!

The contest is open to EU residents only, sorry!
The winner will be chosen at random by use of the old fashioned way of pulling names out of a hat. And lastly, the prize is...........

A brand-spanking-new, amazing Mr Roberts "Girls in Glasses" T-shirt!
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One for me and one for you

So, here's what you have to do:

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  • Contest is open until the 30th of April

The question:
In which magazine was Danny Roberts' work first published?

Good luck!



Jennifer Tran

A few days ago I was doing the usual, checking out some blogs, weheartit.com etc. when I saw this gorgeous earring. I tracked it down to it's creater and sent her an email asking her if I could use the images and perhaps get a little interview. Thankfully she sent me back a really nice email and answered all of my questions! Check it out below!

1. What was the inspiration for the earring?
I was taking a jewelry class because I have a fascination with all things tiny. Although I do admire and love jewelry, I do not often wear it, so with every assignment to make a "ring" or "earring" I tried instead to make a sculptural object (that could happen to be worn for the sake of the assignment). So, I guess the inspiration for the earring was not to make an earring. Oh, that and feathers.

2. Do you wear the earring yourself (often)?
I think the only time I wore the earring was for the final critique and while making it. I'm too scared to break it!

3. Do you think you'll create more jewellery in the future?
I would love to create more jewelry in the future, yes. I have been thinking about setting up a little jewelry bench in my apartment but haven't yet had the time (or money!). I find jewelry to be very satisfying to make because yes, you can spend ages working on something, or if you want, you can whip something out in one night. Also, people are so easily drawn to jewelry-- because of it's size, tactility, and natural inclination to be a precious object. I like making things people feel they can "collect" or simply display and admire.

4. I noticed the diversity on your website and the fact that you studied furniture design; what captivates you most? Jewellery or furniture design?
I don't like how you're making me choose! Although I would probably say, right now, jewelry. After three years of designing and building furniture (for some reason all my furniture weighed a ton and I'm a pretty petite girl!) I'm ready to start working on a smaller scale with things people connect with easier (not to say I don't have a very intimate and intense relationship with my couch).

5. Do you have an etsy shop or somewhere else where people can purchase your work?
I don't have an etsy shop/online store... yet. Maybe sometime soon! I am currently designing stationary as well. Right now doing custom wedding stationary but looking to expand to non-custom paper goods in the near future.

6. What are your future plans?
My future is stationary... prop styling... home accessories... objects... Really, your guess is as good as mine!

I loved the answers, especially the one about the inspiration for the earring being not to create one.
Thanks for the interview Jennifer!
Check out more of Jennifer's amazing work on her website: http://www.jennifer-tran.com/



New love (+Tagged!)

So I went to the hairdresser's Friday and decided to do some shopping. Saturday was going to be my last day at work so I'd decided that I wanted to use my employee discount to it's fullest..

They're such a perfect black/grey/brown colour

I also bought some more normally priced items like this superlong tank from a dutch store called V&D ("Yes or No")

And this linen motorcycle-looking jacket from H&M that I've been wanting for ages.

Lastly I bought some metal, hammered bangles from Accesorize

And I've been tagged! This is my first ever tag! Thanks Leftovers from Illumination!
So here are the questions:

1. A vampire or a wizard (and why)???
I'd have to say wizard, the whole bloodsucking thing is not for me. I see enough blood already(see why below)
2. If you could change one thing about you, what would it be - if anything???
I would change the fact that I've got diabetes (type 1)
3. Would you rather live like a rock star or like a president? (in other words: fun or power?)
Definitely a rockstar!
4. What's your favourite cartoon character???
Ororo Monroe/Storm
5. What's your (most) guilty pleasure?
Chocolat, shopping (excessively?)
6. If you were a song, what would it be???
Well right now: Something's missing - John Mayer.
7. What's your biggest dream?
To find out what I really want to do with my life, and then do it and be happy.
{Amsterdam Fashion Institute comes to mind}
8. Do you prefer to be the one who asks questions or the one who answers them, and why???
I prefer to ask questions, I'm very bad at explaining things.
9. What is your biggest turn off and turn on?
+Dark hair, sense of humour, open mind
-Light coloured hair, rude, disrespectful
10. Have you ever broken any law?
* Is that Anja Rubik in your header?
I have been trying to find out for ages if it is but I can't find it anywhere and I don't remember where I got it from! Aah!


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