Serpent Shoes

I've been looking for some brogue-ish/flat type shoes for a while now, but thought all of them were just a bit too androgynous for me. But then I saw these beauties. The reason I love these and not all of the others I've seen is that these are more low cut which immidiately looks more feminine. Oh, and sorry americans, but you're dollar's crappy exchange rate means that $114,95 is about €84,70! Gives me something to think about here. By the way, did you spot the snake detail on it? Love.

Sam Edelman - Cory
Source - Solesteruck


PS: My blog is 222 days old today!


Anonymous said...

It makes the competition unfair, I agree with you. That's why we should promote blogs by people with a real passion and maybe a lack of education - which would, or should, definitely be compensated with enthusiasm.

But yeah, I really like what you do!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

AAAAAAAA! Angels are singing. I love these shoes!


snoblak said...

Gorgeous pair!! and i love the interior print.

Camilla said...

Love them x

EricaDanielle said...

Love your blog!! One of my new favorites :) A lot of great photos

Aleisha-Rose said...

wow I need these shoes! PERFECTION!



The Haute Bitch said...

i want those for MEN so badly...


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