Thank you all for those lovely comments on my magazine! (>click!) They really got me inspired to keep going and create another, better!, magazine. During the process of making the first issue my respect for all those who do it for a living increased tremendously. It took so much time and effort, and the one I created is not even a fraction of what "real" magazines are like. I know I'm only a novice and have a lot to learn, but the process is very interesting, taught me a lot about it and of course it was a lot of fun. I've even bought a book about the designing of magazines to create something really special next time, I can't wait to see what kind of helpful information is in there.



adrienne said...

thanks for your comment :)

and google friend connect, done!

Liya said...

i loved it
can't wait for the next


Lala Lopez said...

the mag looks great, congrats! i'm working on my first one right now, if i can ever finish it ;)

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