Issue I

Today I'm finally revealing what I have been working on all this time! The big project. Even though I underestimated the immense amount of time it would take me, it's finally done!I'm quite happy with the result, as I hope all of you will be too. So here is, for the first time(as far as I know) a blogger-created-online magazine made by yours truly.

-To see it in better quality/bigger click here.

I hope you enjoy it!


PS:I know about the terrible typo on the second page but unfortunately I can't edit it anymore!


Lime green {Outfitpost}

{Needless to say: I did wear tights with this, it is freezing outside!}

{ The jewels}

Jacket-H&M, dress-Vila, anklebooties-Dr.Adams, watch-D&G, bracelet, ring-some dutch stores{Bijoux Brigitte, Kraal&Mineraal}, scarf and necklace(as shown here)-unknown. By the way, sorry for the bad quality!




Silver necklace I made myself. The stars used to belong on earrings, haha. (It has a clasp and everything, but my bad photography skills cut it off).

I love these wo new necklaces made out of semi-precious stones my mother bought. Thankfully she doesn't mind me borrowing them, muhahaa. I'm wearing the green one today, I'll show you pics later on.
I've been on an accesorie craze lately, resulting in the self made creation at the top, and a lot of ideas for more pretties to create. First I need to get some supplies and stuff.

I tried out the new blogger post editor and although I think it has a lot of useful improvements I'm sticking to the old one. A lot of the differences are really annoying. For example getting the images right, which is what was supposed to be the best improvement, is really difficut. Anyone got any experience with it? Or do you also use the other version?



Serpent Shoes

I've been looking for some brogue-ish/flat type shoes for a while now, but thought all of them were just a bit too androgynous for me. But then I saw these beauties. The reason I love these and not all of the others I've seen is that these are more low cut which immidiately looks more feminine. Oh, and sorry americans, but you're dollar's crappy exchange rate means that $114,95 is about €84,70! Gives me something to think about here. By the way, did you spot the snake detail on it? Love.

Sam Edelman - Cory
Source - Solesteruck


PS: My blog is 222 days old today!


Light as a feather.

I love feathers, wether they're in the form of jewellry(example-feathers and diamonds) or amazing headpieces. From native american headdresses to masquerade masks like the one below, I love them all. There's just something so beautiful about them.
{Hence the adding of even more feathers to my header}

Feathered masquerade mask, photo by me.

All other images - weheartit.com


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