The best t-shirts (right now)

I have been going t-shirt crazy ever since I've spotted the (famous!) Danny Roberts t-shirt "Girls in glasses" a long time ago. Here is my round up of all the t-shirts I'm loving:


Naco Paris via Urban Outfitters


Truly Madly Deeply also via Urban Outfitters

T by Alexander Wang via Revolveclothing

Yves Saint Laurent via Brownsfashion



Zoe Karssen
And check out her blog, it's pretty amazing!

Now if only I had the money to buy all of them. Haha, well hope you enjoyed them as much as I have!



katthroatworld said...

cute!! love 'em! :)

The Starving Stylist said...

oMFG. i love these tees! soooo cute!

Lost at 11 said...

Die t-shirts zijn echt SUPER! Allemaal! Ik hou er ook van!
Thanks voor je comment, ik volg je ook!

Chasing Cherries said...

Geweldige shirts!! Die eerste heb ik gelukkig, maar de rest mag ook best in mijn kast hangen :P Vooral die van Zara en YSL

Melissa~ said...

OMG! I want all them please!

all about the style said...

Die eerste is zoo leuk !! Moet hem echt hebben

IDYLLE said...

die shirts zijn echt leuk,
vooral die van Urban Outfitters.
Leuk blog, we volgen je vanaf nu ;)

TheFashionAve said...

Wow, love these shirts!!! :D

Clara said...

amazing shirts!
i love the first.

mel said...

the best t-shirts! oh yea right!

Nadia said...

These are soooo nice
I want them all!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Geweldige shirts! De eerste heb ik zelf ook, maar de rest mag ook in mijn kast joinen =D


c'est freak, le chic said...

Loving the Zara t-shirt.

Natalie said...

i love all these too, so cool! :)



Anonymous said...

Love the YSL one, and that cute striped one with the bow from topshop
Can I have them all?! haha

Ilse said...

they are all so loveable. the ZARA tee has been on my wishlist as well but it doesn't seem to exist or something lol, can't find it anywhere!!

Liya said...

that modcloth one is SO FAB
as is the danny roberts one (duh :))


Anonymous said...

Wij houden van t-shirts met mooie designs!

Paar vraagjes:

Waarom ben je begonnen met bloggen?

Waar haal je je inspiratie vandaan?

Wie is je grote voorbeeld?

Liever tijdschriften of internet?

Hoe zorg je dat andere mensen jou blog lezen?

Hoe omschrijf je je stijl?

Wil je later iets in de mode gaan doen, zoja welke richting of opleiding?


Anonymous said...

Bedankt voor het beantwoorden van de vragen!

LF said...

Thank you all for the comments! My internet has been down so I haven't been able to respond!


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