Micky Green

Micky Green is an Australian-born singer,model and owner of an amazing, eclectic, and inspiring style. Here are some of my favourite images of her.

"I think that fearlessness is believing in yourself."
-Micky Green

Images via google, Micky's myspace
Video from dailymotion



Viva La Fashion said...

i really like the color of her hair. :)

katthroatworld said...

great pics!

and about your comment about target.. aww.. but i bet holland has some AMAZING stores that we don't have in the u.s.!!!! :)


andbythewei said...

She was born to do this. She looks like a dark angel.

Anonymous said...

nice post !!!!
please visit me back

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thanks friend....

Fashion Nicotine said...

She looks amazing!!

Mrs. M. said...

she is gorgeous. looks really edgy!

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