Today I thought I should show you an image which isn't out of a magazine or website, this image was made by me(hence the crappy quality). It is a piece of clothing I have had in my closet for a year or so and haven't ever worn which today for some reason caught my attention. I don't know why I have never worn it because it's soo comfortable. It's a dress with a beautiful lace/embroided trim and long sleeves. I am wearing it right now with a black belt, a raspberry/red coloured blazer, 2 gold rings, black tights, black boots with insane heels, and this:

Dior Red Dahlia.

This is my last nailpolish purchase and I am loving it. The colour is a kind of raspberry bordering on red and takes only one coat but I have put on two because nailpolish always seems to look better when you do.



Liya said...

so gorg!


Nerdic.. said...

Mooie kleurtje, die Dior nagelak.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Fashion Nicotine said...

Wauw, wat een mooi apart kleurtje van Dior! Xx

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