It's on..

..with Alexa Chung!

it's on with alexa chung,kristin cavallari,kristin cavalari,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashion
With Kristin Cavallari

Lately I've been hearing/seeing a lot about Alexa Chung's hit mtv-show "It's on with Alexa Chung". After browsing about the internet I found more and more pic's of her and her fashionable guests. Here are a few of my fav's:

it's on with alexa chung,olivia palermo,olivia,the city, dv, diane von furstenberg,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Olivia Palermo(check out her amazing shoes!)

it's on with alexa chung,karolína kurková,model,fashionmodel,topmodel,tv show, mtv tv show, mtv buzzworthy, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Karolína Kurková

it's on with alexa chung,stephanie pratt,stephanie,pratt,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Stephanie Pratt

it's on with alexa chung,selena gomez,selena,texas,teen star,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Selena Gomez

All images are from mtv's Buzzworthy, where you can find all of the episodes, and details of Alexa's outfits...even though I often prefer the guests' outfits over hers.


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Anonymous said...

I love all those outfits, especially kristen cavalleri's outfit! super cute! alexa chung is adorable!

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