Kate Moss For Vogue Paris.

She really is one of the greatest models of all time.
images from cartoonstyles



Want some colour with that?

All black has something so elegant about it. With the smallest of details an all black outfit can blend itself into anyone's style.


Oh Jimmy

As you probably all already know, Jimmy Choo is doing a collection for H&M. The collaboration is exciting, but the items are not too innovative, different if you will. BUT I am definitely going to buy this bag, it is amazing, perhaps I'll buy the matching ballerinas. Love it.


Need Supply

A few of my top picks from Need Supply, an amazing online-shop which sells brands like T by Alexander Wang, Cheap Monday, J brand,Alternative Apparel, Free people and many more.
(Click on the images to go to the items.)

online shop, need supply co., fashion,shop online@limitlessfashion

online shop, need supply co., fashion,shop online@limitlessfashion

online shop, need supply co., fashion,shop online@limitlessfashion

online shop, need supply co., fashion,shop online@limitlessfashion



A few of my favourite things

No, I'm not talking "The sound of music", I mean my 2 favourite things at this very moment in time. Which currently means: a song from the late, great Billie Holiday which I recently rediscovered on my ipod, and the latest 3,1 Phillip Lim show which I spotted in the header of Models.com.

1. Billie Holiday's "I'm a fool to want you".

Also known as the music from the latest Chanel No. 5 commercial.

3.1 Phillip Lim S/S '10 show.

Images from models.com



It's on..

..with Alexa Chung!

it's on with alexa chung,kristin cavallari,kristin cavalari,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashion
With Kristin Cavallari

Lately I've been hearing/seeing a lot about Alexa Chung's hit mtv-show "It's on with Alexa Chung". After browsing about the internet I found more and more pic's of her and her fashionable guests. Here are a few of my fav's:

it's on with alexa chung,olivia palermo,olivia,the city, dv, diane von furstenberg,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Olivia Palermo(check out her amazing shoes!)

it's on with alexa chung,karolína kurková,model,fashionmodel,topmodel,tv show, mtv tv show, mtv buzzworthy, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Karolína Kurková

it's on with alexa chung,stephanie pratt,stephanie,pratt,the hills,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Stephanie Pratt

it's on with alexa chung,selena gomez,selena,texas,teen star,tv show, mtv@limitlessfashionWith Selena Gomez

All images are from mtv's Buzzworthy, where you can find all of the episodes, and details of Alexa's outfits...even though I often prefer the guests' outfits over hers.



Kate Moss@GQ

This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen Kate Moss do.



Back to the 80's..Again

marc jacobs, marc by marc jacobs, runway, show,fashionshow,80's,80's fashion@limitlessfashion
Marc Jacobs Fall '09

I love the 80's. Fashion was so fearless, colourful, and crazy. In a good way, and bad I suppose. -Here's some of the good:

1.Sequins, off course
2.Colour Block
3.Cropped jackets
5.Stone/Acid washed denim


Sequins are the cheapest form of embellishment, and one of my favourites. When done right sequins can look absolutely fabulous, but if done wrong can look like an 80's trainwreck.
80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
(Nastygal vintage)

80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
(Niina Klo)

Colour Block
I think c0lour block should be confined to dresses, they always look the best... although this Modcloth tee is quite fantastic .
Colour block styles are easy because they don't need a lot of accessories etc. because it will look a bit packed. -I love this one by
80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
(Olice+Olivia - Net-a-Porter)

80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion

Cropped jackets
Cropped jackets seem to do something magical. They toughen up all outfits and make the waist look slimmer. What more could you want from it?

80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
Twenty8Twelve - Revolve

Yes, I know sweaters didn't get invented during the 80's, but there were significantly more people wearing them for some reason. I love versions with sequins/embellishment on them, as you might have noticed:
80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
(Nastygal vintage)

80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion

Stone/Acid wash Denim
I really like stonewashed denim, it exudes rock chick but when paired with a powder pink top transforms into rock-chic, style I adore. Pair them with pretty much anything!
80's,80's fashion,style@limitlessfashion
(Nudie jeans - Needsupply)

As you may have noticed I haven't mentioned big shoulder(pad)s, I haven't because I define them as the "bad" fashion from the 80's. I truly dislike the exaggerated shoulder. Why? I don't know really, haha.





If only it were summer still..

Whilst I'm writing this, wind is blowing ravishly and rain is pouring. Though I prefer the fall (clothing choices are more versatile), the weather which comes with it is downright depressing. This, and school has started. Which isn't a bad thing, completely. I do enjoy the feeling I get when I've completed something. But I also love sleeping late and awakening naturally, instead of by the sound of an alarm clock which has been buzzing in my ear for the last 5 tot 10 minutes.. Oh well, at least it's the weekend.

(Image - wears heart on sleeve)

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