Pretty in pink red

Red is one of those colours that either looks good on you, or doesn't. This girl doesn't just look good in red, she looks amazing. Another thing I love besides the colour is her makeup. I am addicted to makeup, especially eye-makeup. I think eyeshadow can do so much for a woman. It can make you look fresh, awake and rested or incredibly sexy. I simply adore it.
The dress is beautiful, and would look a bit too "formal" if it weren't for the out-of-place-thus-completely-perfect-looking visible zipper. I love this look, though I would never wear something like it, the maxi is not an item of my taste.

(Larger updates will follow!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! Leuke blog heb je, ookal ben je net begonnen!

Ik heb ze gepast in Rotterdam!

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