Lady Dior

The Lady Noire Affair by Lady Dior(Chapter one). Designed by John Galliano, directed by Olivier Dahan, and featuring Marion Cotillard.

I saw this clip months ago and and forgot about it until I came across an add in vogue just now. The clip is a detective?/drama? about a woman trying to save a man whilst people try to stop her...I think. The film was so cryptic that no one truly understands what it's about.
All I know is that the idea seems to be slightly copied from the famous Chanel N
o.5 commercials, and that the point of the videos is to show the new collection that John Galliano has designed for Dior called:Lady Dior. I've got to admit that the bag isn't of my taste, and well, to be honest..I find it kind of ugly.

(Photographer:Peter Lindbergh)

Recently images for the next Dior film were released
with Marion Cotillard as "Lady Red" this time. The photo's were shot by world famous Annie Leibovitz. I think the photo Annie took looks better than those Lindbergh took for the Lady Noire. The photo looks less photo-shopped, which is something I found disappointing about the Lady Noire photos, even though they did look beautiful. And! I actually like the Lady Dior bag in these photos! I can't wait to see the "Lady Rouge" film, I do hope the story line will be a bit clearer..

(Photographer:Annie Leibovitz)



La Couturier said...

I love Marion; she is gorgeous!

La C.

La Couturier said...

Oo, the Moto booties do resemble the Louboutins!

bisous, xx

LF said...

They do don't they!
I'm already looking for some new black ankleboots for f/w haha

Anonymous said...

marion is amazing! love her

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