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How does one give information about themselves whilst still obtaining anonymity? I don't really know, but I'm going to try. Let's begin with the basics: my "favourite" colour is blue (hummingbird on my banner). I think I came to the colour blue because way back when every girls' favourite colour was pink. I've always been quite stubborn and decided I didn't want to follow the "stream", and so the colour became blue. Even with fashion I've had my stubborn moments, when I was five my mother tried to get me to put on my coat but I refused because the colour of the coat didn't match my shoes...Yes, even then I had an interest in fashion.

My favourite artist is John Mayer, his lyrics are beautiful and his guitarskills are amazing. I am currently listening to one of my favourites "Free falling" as I'm writing this, listen to it
here. It's quite something for me to have a favourite artist. I haven't really had one since the spicegirl break-up so many years ago... Anyway, on to my next obsession:make-up. This craze of mine is still quite new, I've only had a serious interest for about 2/3 years. Before then I did wear make-up, but I didn't really care for it that much. Now I am all about m.a.c and other budgetcrunching cosmetic brands...oh well.

Another craze of mine is home décor. I am constantly redecorating rooms in my mind, which makes it very exciting that I'm really redecorating my bedroom(grey's white's, black and pale blue are the colours to-be). A part of it has been completed which includes a rather large new wardrobe big enough to fit two average people's clothes , and barely fits all of mine..
My dream later is to either work for a fashion magazine(who's isn't!), become an interior designer, orwork in public relations.By now you have probably made a rough estimation of my age, but I'm going to let you ponder on the exact number.

(1st image:Danny Roberts ,2nd image: contem.interior design)


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