Contest entry for La Couturier

To celebrate a one year anniversary, La Couturier has set up a contest wich gives readers a chance to win amazing Current/Elliott jeans! The assignment was to write a small fictional story which has to do with fashion, a "Petite Novella". Here's my entry:

'Bye!’. He shouted after her, but she was already out the door, running to hail a taxi. This wasn’t easy seeing as she was wearing 5 inch Louboutins.

No matter what rush Jade was in, she always made sure she left the house looking good. Today this meant her fabulous new Current/Elliott jeans, a loose fitting white tee covered by a black blazer hanging open casually and her beloved Christian Louboutin black jazz pumps. As for jewellery, today she was wearing a multi chain necklace and a simple yet extravagant cocktail ring with a black stone set in sterling silver. Her favourite one to be precise.

Jade was on her way to the Badgley Mischka show at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Due to the stress of finding the perfect outfit(even though she ended up wearing that which she had picked out days ago..) she was behind schedule. By precisely 5 minutes. It seemed to big a risk not to rush, Jade didn’t want to miss even a second of the show.

Finally, Jade made it, in time ,to the show. The Badgley Mischka show turned out to be simply dazzling. The detailing in the garnments, the flowing fabrics of the dresses, it was beautiful. She would have plenty to write about in her report for Elle magazine.




F/W trends

I adore fall. When I think of autumn images come to my mind of red, brown and yellow coloured leaves, cold crisp wind that blow through my thin blond hair..and draping! One of my favourite fall trends. Now I know it's July still, but I feel like sharing my 6 favourite F/W trends. *Click on the images to see an extra image!*

Blue&purple were the most prominent colours on the runway alongside grey, black and nude colours. Also known as Indigo colours, the blues&purples look great on any skintone, especially on paler women. I adore navy colours so this is definitely a f/w must for me. I think I'm going to pair my indigo colours with black&grey this f/w.
Spotted on the runways of:Louis Vuitton, Versace, Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood, Proenza Schouler, Carlos Miele, Emporio Armani.

2.Silk,Satin&flowing fabric
Silk and satin immediately add a sense of luxury to an outfit. Luxury is one of the key aspects in this year's f/w shows, noticeable by all the velvet, satin, silk and flowing fabrics on the runways. Not only does this trend look luxurious but also very feminine. Combine them with "tougher" items like a leather jacket, for a contrasting look.
Spotted on the runways of:Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Kriza, Gucci, Francesco Scognamiglio, Dsquared²(seperate post coming soon).

Leather has been a trend throughout s/s and has carried on this season. Besides leather jackets, there are now leather skirts, tops and all kinds of other clothing. Fendi created a beautiful bustier out of (what appears to be) leather (click). I am certainly going to hunt down the perfect leather jacket this fall. I can't decide which colour however, black or grey? What do you think?
Spotted on the runways of: DKNY, Emanuel Ungaro, Viktor&Rolf, Max Mara, YSL,Phi, Hermès, Fendi, Dries van Noten.

4.Strong Shapes
Strong shapes exude a sense of power but can still look feminine as you can see in the 2nd and 3rd images from Jonathan Saunders and Rick Owens. Jonathan Saunders' creation may not look as "strong" as the others but the slightest sight of (harsh) angles can create a strong shape(the neckline&sleeves in J.S).
Spotted on the runways of:Jil Sander, Nina Ricci, Maison Martin Margiela, Jonathan Saunders, Calvin Klein, Rick Owens.

Draping is by far my favourite f/w trend. It looks so soft, feminine and yet strong. I especially like pink and nude-coloured drapings, why I don't know, I suppose the colours add even more femininity. Another plus is that it flatters all body types seeing as there are so many different versions of it, tighter types, or loose fitting silky drapings.
Spotted on the runways of:Lanvin, Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Salvatore Ferragamo, Donna Karan, Carlos Miele(my favourite f/w show, see more of it here)

Knits are always spotted on the f/w catwalks, but Missoni certainly took it further this time. This years Missoni show consisted of almost only knitting. Knits are ideal for f/w because they add that extra warmth during colder days whilst looking fabulous, and they're iedeal for layering. If you don't have lots to spend on knits I encourage you to have a look at h&m, they have some great knits this season!
Spotted on the runways of:
Missoni, Diane von Fürstenberg, Rodarte, Kenzo, Mulberry, Hermès, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Dries van Noten.

©by me unless otherwise noted.


Lady Dior

The Lady Noire Affair by Lady Dior(Chapter one). Designed by John Galliano, directed by Olivier Dahan, and featuring Marion Cotillard.

I saw this clip months ago and and forgot about it until I came across an add in vogue just now. The clip is a detective?/drama? about a woman trying to save a man whilst people try to stop her...I think. The film was so cryptic that no one truly understands what it's about.
All I know is that the idea seems to be slightly copied from the famous Chanel N
o.5 commercials, and that the point of the videos is to show the new collection that John Galliano has designed for Dior called:Lady Dior. I've got to admit that the bag isn't of my taste, and well, to be honest..I find it kind of ugly.

(Photographer:Peter Lindbergh)

Recently images for the next Dior film were released
with Marion Cotillard as "Lady Red" this time. The photo's were shot by world famous Annie Leibovitz. I think the photo Annie took looks better than those Lindbergh took for the Lady Noire. The photo looks less photo-shopped, which is something I found disappointing about the Lady Noire photos, even though they did look beautiful. And! I actually like the Lady Dior bag in these photos! I can't wait to see the "Lady Rouge" film, I do hope the story line will be a bit clearer..

(Photographer:Annie Leibovitz)



Elle August(NL)

(image from Elle(NL) (scanned)).

I saw this image in the Dutch Elle, and felt like sharing it with someone. I was totally inspired by it, and am trying to create my own version. I love the outfit, the combination of a black blazer over a casual blouse, paired with shiny leggings is great. I already own a long, casual blouse(grey) but I am still on the hunt for the perfect black blazer to go with it. I think I'm going to add a multi-chain necklace to the ensemble, and some black ankle booties to finish it off. I Love it.



StyleStar: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has been in the acting world for quite some time now, she had won multiple awards including an Oscar, A BAFTA film award, a golden globe and many others. But today I am going to talk about her style, not her movies, which has evolved tremendously over time. Lately she's been wearing a lot of summer dresses mixed with my summer-favourite; gladiators.

Here are some of Reese's latest outfits:

Out at the salon.

Out shopping in Brentwood.

Out shopping in Brentwood again.
(Images via the GossipCenter)

How to get the look:

Reese Witherspoon's summer look

1. Sandals - asos, €24,24/£19,00/$32,49
2. Black gladiators - oasis €25,00/£20,00/*$-
3. Cardigan - topshop
4. Blue dress - oasis €37,00/£30/$-
5. Gold feather necklace - asos /€10,21/£8,00/$13,68
Bangles - topshop €17,49/
£15,00 /$30,00
7. White dress - topshop €52,47/£45,00 /$90,00
KYLA sunglasses - oliver peoples €276,81/£237,39/$390
9. Floral dress - oasis €60,00/£48,00/$-
-Belt - oasis
*€$£ with a - behind it means that the online-store doesn't deliver to countries with that particular currency



M.A.C Colour Craft

MAC cosmetics is constantly launching new lines, the latest being the "Colour Craft" collection. The collection includes multiple mineralized products like eyeshadow, blush and skinfinish. Also there are lipsticks, lipglasses and even brushes. The eyeshadows consist of four colours put together in a pinwheel form. The shades are assemblage, eccentricity, fashion patch, girlish romp, natural flare and odd bits.

1.Assemblage 2.Eccentricity 3.Fashion patch

4.Girlish romp 5.Natural flare 6.Odd bits

The items I am most interested in buying are: the mineralized skinfinish in "Cheeky Bronze", the mineralized eyeshadow in "Odd Bits" and perhaps the marbleized lipglass in "Miss Marble".
I must say this isn't the best collection mac has ever had. And even though the add's are beautiful, they give the impression that there is going to be a lot of colour in the collection, which there's not. The colours in the collection are all quite bronze, whilst the colours you see in the add are green, purple, pink and blue. There are some colours in the eyeshadow, but they don't look as bright as the colours used in the add. When I saw the pic's for the collection on specktra I presumed the collection would be aimed at make-up artist and thus include some bright colours, paints etc. But what do you think? Do you think the add's work? Let me know in the comments!

To check out more of the collection go to maccosmetics.



About me..

How does one give information about themselves whilst still obtaining anonymity? I don't really know, but I'm going to try. Let's begin with the basics: my "favourite" colour is blue (hummingbird on my banner). I think I came to the colour blue because way back when every girls' favourite colour was pink. I've always been quite stubborn and decided I didn't want to follow the "stream", and so the colour became blue. Even with fashion I've had my stubborn moments, when I was five my mother tried to get me to put on my coat but I refused because the colour of the coat didn't match my shoes...Yes, even then I had an interest in fashion.

My favourite artist is John Mayer, his lyrics are beautiful and his guitarskills are amazing. I am currently listening to one of my favourites "Free falling" as I'm writing this, listen to it
here. It's quite something for me to have a favourite artist. I haven't really had one since the spicegirl break-up so many years ago... Anyway, on to my next obsession:make-up. This craze of mine is still quite new, I've only had a serious interest for about 2/3 years. Before then I did wear make-up, but I didn't really care for it that much. Now I am all about m.a.c and other budgetcrunching cosmetic brands...oh well.

Another craze of mine is home décor. I am constantly redecorating rooms in my mind, which makes it very exciting that I'm really redecorating my bedroom(grey's white's, black and pale blue are the colours to-be). A part of it has been completed which includes a rather large new wardrobe big enough to fit two average people's clothes , and barely fits all of mine..
My dream later is to either work for a fashion magazine(who's isn't!), become an interior designer, orwork in public relations.By now you have probably made a rough estimation of my age, but I'm going to let you ponder on the exact number.

(1st image:Danny Roberts ,2nd image: contem.interior design)



Ungaro F/W

I was looking around models.com and came across this add campaign for Emanuel Ungaro, it's absolutely beautiful. I love the lighting, it's amazing. Check it out:

(Images via models.com)


Celebrity Style:Thandie Newton at the Serpentine Gallery's summer party

Recently(09-07-09) the annual Serpentine Gallery summer party took place in Kensington gardens. Thandie Newton attended the occasion dressed head to toe in Matthew Williamson. She looked beautiful, the make-up, the dress, it all works together. My one comment is that the shoes are a bit of a let-down after seeing the gorgeous dress which is a shame. I think a pair black cut-outs would have looked just a bit better. The make-up was kept simple, which is exactly what the outfit required. The attention is drawn to the lips which are a pinkish/purple colour which go beautifully with the colours in the dress, a bit of shimmering blush was put on the cheeks and eye-make-up was kept minimal.

(Image via zimbio)

(Image via Glamour UK)



Hot Item: Gladiators

Having been spotted on Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton and many others, there's no denying it, gladiators are everywhere. Gladiator sandals have been around for a few years now and seem to have hit a high this particular year. Available in all kinds of styles, they're a real hit this season because there's a perfect pair for everyone, whether being with heels or without. The sandals are easy to combine and immediately add a touch of summer to your outfit. Here are a few of my favourites:

2.3. 4.5.6. 1. Forever21, *€-/$15,80/£ -
Topshop, €25,79/$36,00/£18,00
3. YSL via
matchesfashion, €512,30/$667,40/£470,00
4. Blowfish via
asos, €44,02/$59,00/£34,50
5. Asos, €82,92/$111,15/£65,00

6. H&M, now €19,90
*€$£ with a - behind it mean that the on-line store doesn't deliver to countries with that particular currency.

Gladiators are a great final touch to that fabulous summer outfit, and give you a chance to show of your polished toes. Here are some inspirational outfits to show you just how great gladiators can look:

I really like gladiators, but what do you think? A summer must? Or a total don't? Let me know in the comments!



Hello World

Hello readers,
welcome to limitlessfashion,
this is my first ever post, here I am going to tell you something about myself, this blog, and my intentions with it.

I finally made the decision of starting my own blog after having read blogs for years now, because I think it will be a good experience to learn more about fashion, and perhaps even to teach others about it. Or at least about how I perceive it, because my idea of fashion, what to do and what not to do, is simple: fashion has no rules, or limitations. I believe fashion is limitless.

In my blog
I plan to share with you my inspiration, fashionbeliefs and secret hopes and dreams of mine. And also to share my opinions on what styles I like , this is all subjective of course, because everyone should wear whatever they feel comfortable in, whether it's UGG's or stiletto's, flats, or sneakers.

And now, about me:
I intend to keep personal details of myself and my life, well, personal. I might reveal more about myself over time..

I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog, as much as I know I'll enjoy writing it.


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